UCLA Health Leadership Development

Program Overview

Leadership Development

UCLA Health is dedicated to the continuing development of its leaders. The organization offers several leadership training courses to ensure that our employees are developing the skills to lead others effectively.

The following leadership training courses, which can be viewed using the links below, are recommended for leaders at all levels who are looking to develop and/or refresh their leadership skills and competencies. The course offerings can be used in one of the following three ways:
  1. Leaders may recommend courses to their team members who already possess a formal leadership role (e.g., supervisor, manager, director, etc.). As part of a professional development plan that is connected to the employee's annual performance evaluation, leaders can work with their team members to choose the course(s) that best match the employee's development needs. Each of the leadership courses relate to a specific Performance Management Attribute that is measured by UCLA Health's Performance Evaluation Tool.
  2. Leaders looking to advance their own skills may self-identify the courses that they feel would most benefit their own professional development and take the courses at their own pace (with their direct supervisor's approval).
  3. Leaders may identify members of their teams who have shown high potential for a future leadership position within the organization. As a form of recognition, the leader can meet with the employee, and together, they can determine which of the leadership courses would be best for his/her overall development.
NOTE: In order to attend any of the UCLA Health Leadership Development courses, approval from your direct supervisor is required.

Click on any of the eight attributes below for a list of the leadership training courses that support skill-building for that specific attribute.

Accountability Communication Job Ability Leadership
Management Excellence Professionalism Self-Management Teamwork

Orientation and Training