New Online Training Request

Human Resources maintains and hosts hundreds of online training modules. As we prepared to go live with a new Learning Management System (LMS) in Cornerstone later this year, we have created a standardized process for all online trainings.

Do you have a current or new online training module request? Here are the steps involved in having HR host your online training:
  1. Initial Submission Protocol :
  2. Feedback Protocol :
    • A multidisciplinary Governance Committee reviews the training
    • Feedback and suggestions may be provided to the training requestor
    • Requestor reviews feedback, finalizes the content and obtains final approval from their Chief
  3. Final Submission and Upload Protocol :
    • Requestor submits the finalized, new training module to
    • HR Training uploads the training onto the new LMS
  4. Communication protocol :
    • HR Training notifies requestor when the training is ready to be launched and send the requestor the sample of the announcement/notification
    • Requestor/owner reviews the announcement, approves and provides the initial training due date
    • HR Training announces the training module
Orientation and Training