Compliance Training

All employees are required to complete the trainings below.
  1. HIPAA Privacy & Information Security Training

    Welcome to the UCLA Health HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training. In order to receive credit for completing this training, you will need your 9 digit employee ID, 5 digit Physician ID or sign up to receive a temporary ID. Please note that if you do receive a temporary ID, save the ID number in your records as reference.

    If you are not able to finish this in one sitting there is a bookmark function to allow you to resume your work later on the same computer. Please be advised that you must bookmark the webpage through your web browser at the point where you ended your session. Click the link below to begin the training:

    HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training for New Workforce Members

  2. Orientation and Annual Education Training

    Welcome to the UCLA Health Orientation and Annual Education module! This module is designed to give you an overview of the UCLA Health policies and procedures, confidentiality, environment of care, life safety, emergency management, patient safety, infection control standards and many other topics as they apply to your position within the organization and your work location.

    As Health System employees we are required by the different accreditation bodies and our own hospital policy to review this module and complete a post test upon hire.

    The UCLA Health is comprised of three hospitals and a separate clinical and non-clinical module was developed in order to capture the specifics of the location and services provided

  3. CICARE Training

    CICARE Annual Education

  4. Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct Training

  5. Cultural Competency Training

    Cultural Competency Training

    Culture is defined in health care as the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social groups; also, the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time (Merriam-Webster's Online dictionary). It guides the decisions and actions of a group through time.

    Cultural competency is defined as:

    • An ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures.
    • It comprises of four components:
      • Awareness of one's own cultural worldview,
      • Attitude towards cultural differences,
      • Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews, and,
      • cross-cultural skills.
    • Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.
    • To deliver culturally appropriate and specifically tailored care to patients with diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors.

    Cultural Competency and the Joint Commission Standards

    Joint Commission has studied cultural competence and in particular, standards to advance effective communication, cultural competence and patient-centered care in hospitals building on the work of the Health, Language, and Culture study. The standards will be implemented fully in January 2011.

    Specifically the Joint Commission Standards require:

    • The hospital must orient staff on the following: Sensitivity to cultural diversity based on job duties and responsibilities. HR.01.04.01
    • Staff participate in education and training that is specific to the needs of the patient population served by the hospital. HR.01.05.03
  6. Cyber Security Awareness Training

    All employees are required to complete this training annually. Please click the link below to access the content:

    Cyber Security Awareness Training

  7. PolicyStat Training

    All employees are required to complete this one-time training. Please click the link below to access the content:

    PolicyStat Training

  8. Radiation Hazard Awareness Training

    Please click the link below to access the Radiation Hazard Awareness Training.

    Radiation Safety

  9. Sexual Harassment Prevention training for Supervisors (including MSP, ITP equivalents and above and all Faculty)

    Sexual Harassment Training Site

  10. SOFI / Culture of Safety Training

    SOFI Training Site

  11. Use of Mobile Device and Removable Media Policy Attestation

    Please click the link below to access the training:

    Use of Mobile Device and Removable Media Policy Attestation

Orientation and Training