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UCLA Health offers several Team Development workshops that promote team cohesion, productivity, effective communication and unity. In all of the Team Development workshops, opportunities are provided for team members to interact in a safe and open environment, discuss their unique team dynamics, address any barriers to teamwork that they are currently facing, and develop action plans for team improvement.

Our Team Development workshops are specifically designed for teams to attend together. The workshops address a wide variety of topics, including change management, personality and work style preferences, cultural humility, resilience, and strategies to create high-functioning teams.

Team Development Workshops

Excelling in a Changing Environment (4.5 hours) :
The Excelling in a Changing Environment workshop will introduce your team to positive strategies for teams to managing organizational change collaboratively. This workshop is designed to increase your team's ability to manage change successfully, by developing clear and concise models that help identify competency-gaps and operational impact resulting from change. Ultimately, your team will improve their knowledge of how organizational change will affect you and your environment, while also providing you with the tools to excel during that change.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop (MBTI) (4 hours) :
In the MBTI Workshop, participants will gain a framework for understanding, appreciating and leveraging the differences of each team member in order to unlock your team's innate synergies and potential. In this workshop, team members will take the online MBTI assessment prior to the workshop to discover their unique preferences and work styles. Whether it's helping team members to earn agreement and cooperation to work together despite differences, developing an appreciation and understanding of team members' unique communication preferences, discovering how those preferences can influence team interactions, or creating an environment of cooperation, productivity and success-this workshop will benefit your team in a multitude of ways.

Staying Strong: Strategies for Building Resilience at Work (4 hours) :
This workshop will help teams to better understand what resilience is by definition and design. Coursework centers on how resilience can be developed and nurtured through life experiences and personal perspectives. Participants are encouraged to aspire to higher levels of resiliency by accessing their own "grittiness" and explore how an internal locus of control is often a more self-empowering perspective when approaching life's challenges. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and explore characteristics that are often identified in highly-resilient people4.5 hours). Finally, team members are asked to collectively identify statements and a personal philosophy that can sustain them in times in adversity and opposition.

Team Cohesion and Action Planning (3.5 hours) :
High-functioning teams anticipate each other's needs, take ownership of their decisions, adapt to change, and work together to create a positive environment that encourages open and direct communication. This workshop assists teams in identifying key goals and strategies for addressing barriers to teamwork and increasing team morale. Teams are given the opportunity to identify areas for improvement that are relevant to their unit/department. Team members work together to strategize solutions and create an actionable plan with defined success metrics that will lead to a more productive and positive work environment. Lastly, participants are encouraged to make an immediate personal commitment that fosters change and leads to a sustainable culture shift for the entire team.

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